We support people by gaining clarity, developing new perspectives and initiating change processes. We offer coaching and process guidance on the basis of a systemic approach. We provide a professional framework to reflect and work on individual topics and to develop solution-oriented approaches.


A collegial feedback proves to be valuable and supportive, when it comes to opening new perspectives or scrutinizing views for stumbling blocks.

Instructive coaching, peer coaching or collegial advice are consulting approaches which enable a reciprocal collegial feedback on a professional level. A professional guidance ensures the quality of a collegial feedback and takes mutual interactions into consideration. We are here to offer our guidance.

PEER SHARING. Course of peer coaching in collaboration

What is it about?
Peer coaching takes place where people collaborate: they share ideas and knowledge, solve problems and develop strategies. However, the new gained knowledge and understanding remains hidden. Therefore, peer coaching provides a methodological framework, that makes the common understanding transparent. Peer coaching initiates sustainable learning in an organisation and promotes cooperation. “Peer-to-peer” describes mutual support and knowledge transfer among likeminded colleagues (peers).

What is the aim?
Peer Coaching transfers methods and advisory that support reflection, strengthen skills and promote mutual learning. It is the coach who moderates the dialog, imparts coaching knowledge and provides a suitable framework.

What is the procedure?
A peer coaching runs over a certain time period following the needs of the participants. An orientation workshop provides an overview about the course during a collegial advisory. Practical coaching exercises help to get familiar with the methods of a peer coaching. Participants can decide then, if they want to establish a collegial peer group. The peers start with the peer coaching and meet regularly. At final workshop takes place, in which the peers can reflect their experiences during the process.



  • Thematic map, roles, responsibilities
  • Method of peer coaching
  • Decision-making about participation
  • Establishment of peer groups

Peer Coaching

  • Collegial advice: method-based work on individual topics / questions
  • When appropriate: thematic input


  • Reflection of peer coaching
  • Moderated feedback

Learning outcome

  • Common learning and mutual reflection with collegial support
  • Development of coaching and advisory know-how
  • Practical knowledge transfer through work on real cases
INDIVIDUAL COACHING. Information about a course of a coaching

Systemic coaching is a solution and objective oriented advisory for people seeking for change. We use the systemic advisory as a methodological approach and incorporate frameworks, roles, functions and tasks. We organise a protected setting to work on your topics. The aim of the coaching are determined by yourself.


  1. Orientation session: content, duration, frameworks
  1. Coaching contract: formation of contract
  1. Coaching: determining objectives, coaching units, working on strategies and solutions
  1. Evaluation & conclusion: process reflection, feedback, conclusion

One coaching-unit amounts90 Minutes. The number of coaching-units comply according to needs, topics and frameworks

The fee is dependent on duration, number and place of the Coachings


Working in development cooperation and peace service brings additional challenges: different cultures, international teams, safety measures which can restrict personal areas of freedom, confrontation with poverty and suffering.

Since 2005 we have been actively involved in the academic development cooperation with Afghanistan. We know from our own experiences how challenging this work can be.

A professional coaching opens the floor for individual issues and supports in reflecting relationships and dependencies in this challenging work. We offer coaching and process guidance to work on your topics.


You want to know more about our coaching? Please contact us via email or give us a call.

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“You have guided me with advisory and coaching for years. This has now been fruitful. Thanks for all.”

Monika Weber



Our coaching follows the standards of the German Society for Coaching (DGfC)

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